Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moments at Home

Posted by PicasaMoments at Home 7x5
One of my favorite places to sit and relax ( usually with coffee). The afternoon light makes this a tranquil spot.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wigged Out

Posted by PicasaWigged out, 10x8  I figure, since tonight the acadamy awards are on, this would be a good time to finish and post the new challenge from DSFDF. The subject matter  would fit right in, ( since it has velvet curtains and all). The original photo had about 3 times the amount of faces but I thought I'd simplify and go for just a few.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Painted Lady

Posted by PicasaPainted Lady, 10x8  The latest challenge from "Different Strokes From Different Folks". This one caught my eye right away, being from the Bay Area. I'm not as comfortable with the subject matter though, my lines are always crooked when I do buildings. ( But then again I think the "hand" quality shows through and I think crooked windows are kinda cool).

Mt. Tam

Posted by PicasaMt. Tam, 8x10  Last October, we visited the Bay Area. This is one of my favorite scenes of home. Reminding me of all the times we used to see this from our own boat years ago.

Marsh Fields #2

Posted by PicasaMarsh Fields #2, 10x8This one I painted right after "Marsh Fields #1". I thought I would try a vertical and try different colors. I also wanted a bigger version. I really like these fall tones mixed with the water. They seem to just roll off the brush...

Marsh Fields, #1

Posted by PicasaMarsh Fields #1, 5x7  This is another one from a photo taken from the car. Only a very small cropped portion of the frame was used. Something just appealed to me here.

Rice Fields

Posted by PicasaRice Fields, 9x12  This was painted from a photo taken while we were driving ( a common practice).So a lot was left to the imagination, as it was a very blury picture.

Lady Walker

Posted by PicasaLady Walker, 8x9.5This was an excercise from a blog called "Different Strokes For Different Folks". A wonderful blog that invites anyone to participate and paint their own version from a photo. This one was painted upside down, so the painter would focus on the patterns. 

North Head Lighthouse

Posted by PicasaNorth Head Lighthouse, 7x5  Early last year we visited this lighthouse in Washington. Let me just tell you,  it's "picture perfect" everywhere you look.