Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lucky Dog

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Lucky Dog, 7x5
This is one of my Mom's dogs, he lives a pampered life in Hawaii. When he's not eating, playing or getting in trouble, he likes to audition for the RCA record label.


  1. Oh, Tres, I hope you sent this to your Mom as a gift - what a beautiful rendering!

  2. Thanks Kelley! - yes I did....
    I haven't seen a painting of Paco yet.....
    (looking forward to it).

  3. Tres, I hope you will do more paintings of dogs...you have the knack

  4. So cute!! I agree with Celeste. You have an affinity for dogs.

  5. Celeste and Liz,
    Thank you both for your encouragement! I really enjoyed doing this one and I haven't even met the dog yet. I did this from a photo.